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  • How do you get to the Ultimate Drum Camp?

    There will be a shuttle from the airport at a cost of $225 round trip. Click here for directions to the Orford Arts Centre.

  • Who do I make my cheque out to for payment to Ultimate Drum Camp?

    Ultimate Drum Camp.

  • How will a typical day at the camp play out?

    Please check out our tentative schedule to get an idea of what the week will be like.

  • Do I need to bring my own drum equipment?

    You will need to bring your own drum sticks. Practice kits and congas will be provided by Pearl Canada and LP. Please feel free to bring along any of your own instruments, be it hand percussion or otherwise.

  • What is the ratio of instructors to students?

    Approximately 15 students to every instructor.

  • Are private lessons available?

    Yes, however they are not included in camp costs. Prices are to be determined privately with the master teachers.

  • What type of food will be served during the week?

    A menu will be posted on Aug 1st. Vegetarian foods are part of the menu. For special needs, please email us at info@drumcamp.ca.

  • Are the accommodations private or shared?

    Shared. Two persons per room. Bathroom and shower in each room, Private accomodations are available for an extra 50$/day.

  • I play an instrument other than the drums. Can I still take part in the camp for the musical experience?

    Yes, all acoustic instruments are welcome and encouraged.

  • What other activities are available at the camp?

    Swimming, hiking and walking trails. Flo Mounier will be teaching exercise classes designed specifically for increasing dexterity and speed to enhance your drum technicques.

  • My child is 16 years old. Can they participate?

    Anyone over the age of 12 can participate, but they require written consent from their legal guardian if they are under the age of 18 (see Registration Form for additional information).

  • What is the average age of participants at the drum camp?

    Majority of students are 15-30 years old. With another 10-15 students over the age of 30.

  • How close is the nearest town and what amenities are available there?

    The town of Magog Quebec is 10 minutes away. Many amenities are available here including post office, shopping center, movie theater, restaurants, See-doo rentals and many other water sports.

  • Is there Internet access available at the camp?

    Yes there is WIFI.

  • Do I need to bring my own bedding (blankets and pillows)?

    Feel free to bring your own but it is not necessary.

  • Do I need to bring my own toiletries?

    Yes keep in mind that phosphate-free soaps and environmentally friendly products are not mandatory but are much appreciated by the natural surroundings.

UDC disclaimer: All of the artists have confirmed their attendance for UDC 2012. In the event that any of the artists cannot attend, UDC will replace said artist with one of equivalent or greater value. No reimbursements will be issued.

Drum: comming soon...

Bass: comming soon...

Location: Orford Musique.
Mount Orford, Quebec, Canada

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